Ad Pontem

AttestedAd Pontem on iter 6 of the Antonine Itinerary

Where:  East Stoke Roman fort at SK759504 on the Fosse Way beside the river Trent, near Wharf Farm.

Name origin:  Latin for ‘at the bridge’.

Notes:  Presumably there was a bridge across the Trent here, but care is needed with words thought to mean ‘bridge’: Latin pons was etymologically ‘path, road’ and the place-name element *briva was etymologically ‘brow, brink’.  Latin ponto was, according to Caesar, a Gaulish boat, i.e. a punt, while Pontus was the Greek-derived name for the Black Sea or for any large body of water.  The battle of Stoke Field happened near here in 1487, and possibly so did earlier battles on the banks of the Trent mentioned by Bede and by the Historia Brittonum.

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