Attested:  RC Anicetis

Where:  Possibly at Cadbury Castle.  The sheer prominence in the landscape of this huge hillfort means that it should claim one of RC’s list of names as it passes through the middle of Somerset.  It is conceivable that Annis Hill, in an area rich in Roman villas, is related.

Name Origin:  From Greek ανικητος‘undefeated’ (=invictus).  Anicetus became a common personal name, so R&S suggested that Anicetis was the estate of a particular Anicetus.

Notes:  Cadbury Castle manifestly did not resist Vespasian’s troops, but a face-saving handover is easy to imagine.  The name Anicetus was borne by a Roman admiral, pirate, and pope, and shows up on many inscriptions from across the Empire, including four from Britain.

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