Aquis Arnemeza

Attested:  RC Aquis Arnemeza/Arnemeze/Arnemeyainscription ARNOMECTE

Where:  Almost certainly Buxton Spa, Derbyshire, near SK0673.

Name OriginAquis = Latin ‘at the waters’.  *Arnemetia is usually interpreted as a compound of ar- ‘beside’ (from PIE *ar- ‘together with’, hence Gaulish are equated with Latin ante by the Endlicher Glossary), with nemeton ‘sanctuary’ discussed under Nemetotatio.  However, the last two letters, written differently in all three manuscripts, look as if they really belong with the following word Zerdotalia.  That would leave *arneme, possibly to be explained with Greek αρνεομαι ‘to deny’ (possibly in the same semantic field as waters of ληθη ‘oblivion’, or συλη ‘right of reprisal’ at Aquis Sulis) or with Graeco-Latin αρνιον/arna ‘lamb’.

Notes: A possible parallel is ARNEMETICI mentioned on a Roman-era inscription in the south of France, with possible descendant place name Aniane.

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Last Edited: 21 December 2016