Attested:  RC Aranus or Aramis (not clear on the manuscripts)

Where:  Somewhere in Somerset, possibly near Beacon Hill at ST637460, where a Roman road (number 45b of Margary, 1973) running from the Mendips lead mines towards Salisbury and Winchester intersected the Fosse Way just north of modern Shepton Mallet, which seems to have been a Roman small town.  No Roman fort is known there, and Maesbury Castle hillfort at ST610471 may have been a local political centre.

Name Origin:  Emending Aranus/Aramis to *Armis, like Graeco-Latin αρμος/armus ‘joint’ or αρμη ‘junction’ would fit a road junction.

Notes:  There is no evidence for a river in Somerset formerly called *Arno.  This suggested location outranks the likely Y junction where a road (modern B3153) coming from the west along the relatively high ground (Polden Hills) through the Somerset Levels met the Fosse Way near Lydford-on-Fosse just before it crossed the river Brue.

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