AttestedArdaoneon at position 43 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  Havant, Hampshire, at SU717062

Name OriginArdaoneon looks very Greek, presumably starting with αρδω ‘to water’ and possibly ending with ονειον ‘ass stable’ or ονειος ‘useful’.

Notes:  This identification depends on correct identifications of neighbours in the Cosmography's sequence Venta velgarom (Twyford near Winchester), Armis (Wickham), Ardaoneon, Navimago regentium (Chichester).  Havant was Hamanfunta in AD 935, where funta descended from Latin fontanus ‘pertaining to a spring’, probably referring to the Hamwelle, one of many fine springs in Havant and probably a holy well.

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