AttestedRudge Cup and Amiens Patera  BANNA;  RC Banna;  Inscription BANNIESS

Where:  The Roman fort at Birdoswald, Cumbria, NY615663, on Hadrian’s Wall.  It sits on flat ground above a steep slope down to the meandering river Irthing.

Name origin:  See here about the element bann in early names.  Since no real peak or rocky outcrop was nearby, Banna was probably some kind of administrative centre.

Notes:  See chapter 6 here about archaeology at Banna, where there was a substantial settlement, civilian as well as military, which stayed busy into post-Roman times.  The fort would certainly have received some supplies by water, and the main Roman quarry was 2 km downstream on the Irthing.  Banna was near the high point of the Wall, a watershed of northern England, which prompted Selkirk (2001, p128) to wonder if the Romans dug a summit-level canal near there (roughly along modern Pow Charney Burn) to link the Tyne and Solway catchments.

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