AttestedBravonio in Antonine Itinery iter 12

WhereLeintwardine Roman small town and/or fort at SO404741 in Herefordshire, securely located by AI mileage figures.

Name origin:  Welsh breuan ‘quern’ has been suggested (on the theory that suitable stones for grinding corn could be found in nearby hills), but that comes from PIE *bhreuɘ- ‘to boil, to bubble’, which is more likely to refer to the marshy area that would have existed near Leintwardine in Roman times, judging by its flood-risk map.  The confluence of the rivers Clun and Teme (plus lesser streams) there can cause flooding.  Among descendants of *bhreuɘ-, German brauen or Old English breowan ‘to brew’ come closer than Welsh brwd ‘fervent’, to matching Bravonio.

Notes: See also Bravoniacum.  Rivet & Smith confused Bravonio with Branogenium.  There seems to be no information about the Roman troops who were based at Bravonio, but a large number of camps are in the neighbourhood.

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