Attested:  RC Brocara

Where:  Uncertain.  Probably somewhere in the valley of the river Esk in Dumfriesshire, near Broomholm, which was probably AI's Blatobulgium, because RC lists it between Fanococidi (probably Bewcastle) and Croucingo (probably Burnswark).  Conceivably there was a Roman site under the Anglo-Norman castle at Liddel Strength or the Gilnockie Roman site was more than a temporary camp.

Name Origin:  An element Broc- has many possible meanings, but the best parallel is probably OE bróc ‘brook, stream’, which does not have an agreed PIE root but has plenty of Germanic cognates, which tend to mean ‘marsh’.  Its second element fits PIE *ar- ‘to fit together’.  Unfortunately, a large fraction of all Roman sites were at stream confluences!

Notes:  Parallels include Brocavum (Brougham) and Brocomagus (Brumath, Alsace).

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Last Edited: 20 February 2017