Attested:  AI iter 5 Caesaromago, iter 9 Cesaromago; RC Cesaromago; TP Baromaci

WhereChelmsford, Essex, around TL709062.

Name OriginCaesar- is obviously Roman, while –magus became a common place-name element across the Empire whose exact significance is disputed.  Celtic words such as Gaelic machair ‘grassy plain’ are often cited to suggest a market place developing on open land, but more likely *magus meant something like ‘power place, administrative centre’, from PIE *magh- ‘to have power’.  See Udolph (2012:45-8) for how this element developed in areas around the North Sea and led to names such as Magdeburg.  See also Magis about a possible development of Latin magis ‘platter’ towards ‘town square’.

NotesCaesaromagus began as a Roman fort established close to the tribal centre of the powerful Trinobantes and had a twin on the Continent at modern Beauvais, in territory of the powerful Belgic tribe the Bellovaci.

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