Attested:  RC Canza

Where:  In Somerset, most likely at or near Cannington, mentioned as Cantuctune in King Alfred’s will.  There was some kind of Roman-era port in the Crandon-Combwich area, somewhere near ST2641.

Name Origin:  From Vulgar Latin *cantia ‘edge’, as discussed by R&S.  The Quantock Hills may preserve the name.  quantia on a gold coin minted around AD 600 at Quentovic, a trading place with strong links to Britain, on the river Canche in France, is a good parallel.

Notes:  Parts of Somerset were a tribal frontier zone around the Cosmographer’s time, and probably a linguistic one too, judging by charter S237 of AD 682, which mentions collem qui dicitur brittannica lingua Cructan apud nos Crycbeorh ‘hill called Cructan in the British language and Crycbeorh in ours’, plus ‘the famous wood’ CantucuuduCanza might have been an old name of the river Parrett.

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