Attested:  AI iter 10 Coccio

Where:  Wigan, Lancashire, around SD583056, located by AI’s mileages from Manchester and Ribchester.  Recent archaeological work has revealed a substantial Roman settlement, which was possibly a military supply base, and the lines of Roman roads in the area.

Name origin:  Coccium suggests κοκκινος/coccum ‘scarlet’, a word derived from plant-gall dye technology developed in the ancient Middle East.  Maybe Wigan’s coal-based brick and tile making industry had a Roman precursor.

Notes:  Four other Roman-era places had names possibly based on words for ‘red’: Sandonium from pottery; Burrium from building stone; Coccuveda from river pebbles; and Rutupiae from salt-making briquetage. 

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Last Edited: 04 June 2016