Attested:  AI iter 2 Durocobrivis, iter 6 Durocobrius, iter 8 Durocobrivis.

Where:  Dunstable, Bedfordshire, around TL018218.

Name origin:  Duro- ‘crossing’ plus co- ‘with, together’ plus *briva from *bhru- ‘brow’ as discussed under Durobrivae.

Notes:  There is neither a fort nor a bridge here (as old theories would have suggested) but just a Roman settlement where Watling Street crossed the ridge that carried Icknield Street.  Dunstable sits on a watershed, sandwiched between sources of the river Lea (heading ultimately south towards the Thames) and of the Ouzel (heading ultimately north towards the Wash).

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Last Edited: 29 December 2016