Attested:  Ptolemy 2,3,29 Δουροτργιγες, a tribe with one πολις at Δουνιον
  inscription  C DVRTRG #ENDINESIS;  inscription CI DVROTRAG LENDINIESI#

Where:  Dorset, because Ptolemy’s coordinates for Δουνιον point to Hod Hill.

Name originDuro- ‘crossing’ is clear enough, and Lendin- probably arose from *lendh- ‘wetness’.  If the second element was -trages it matches Latin traho ‘to draw’ from PIE *dhragh- ‘draw, drag’, but if it was -triges with a vowel I that would relate to words such as trigger and trek, also with a sense of pulling.  Either way, the *Durotrages were probably ‘through-transporting people’, presumably referring to their situation astride the trans-peninsula route, leading on the Dorset side towards France and on the Somerset side towards Wales and Ireland.

Notes:  One should be wary of the confidence usually expressed that *Lindinis was Ilchester, that there was a politically defined tribe of Durotrages, and in their name spellings.

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