Attested:  RC Ebio in a sequence of names that appear to be heading up the coast of southwest Scotland towards Glasgow.

Where:  Uncertain.  Possibly on the Kintyre peninsula, populated by Ptolemy's Επιδιοι people.  However, that would give RC an unlikely track across the map, so a better guess may be the Ebbstone (Craig Laggan) at NW958692 off the coast of the North Rinns of Galloway.  Despite being small, this rock is very prominent and would have been well known to any ancient sailor in those waters.

Name origin:  The English word ebb descends from PIE *apo- ‘off’, with Latin abeo ‘to go away’ among its many cognates, so Ebio could just have meant something like ‘noteworthy offshore rock’.  Maybe the idea of this name surviving since Roman times is not totally inconceivable.

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Last Edited: 31 August 2016