Attested:  RC Eltavori  (or Eltanori)

WhereEltavori could lie at several places, depending on RC’s track across the map, but the most likely is the nodal point in the Roman road network near Water Eaton, Staffordshire, SJ898107, where at least six ancient roads converged around a vexillation fortress, two forts, several camps, and a defended settlement. 

Name origin:  Eltavori makes best sense as a compound of PIE *al- ‘to grow’ (as in Latin altus ‘high’, and Eltabo) plus *wer- ‘high raised spot’. This would fit an ancient tribal assembly point for the part of Staffordshire that later became the Hundred of Cuttlestone, which Horowitz recognised as probably on Beacon Hill, at position SJ898130.

Notes:  AI’s Pennocrucium was nearby

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Last Edited: 19 July 2016