Attested:  AI iter 10 Galava

Where:  Uncertain.  AI's mileage figures make it reasonable to look where the river Leven empties the southern end of Lake Windermere into Morecambe Bay.

Name OriginGal- (or Cal) begins at least three ancient names in the Morecambe Bay area, with many possible explanations, but possibly the best, as discussed under Galacum, is a word for ‘foreigners’, as a comment on the ethnic mix in that area.  And see here about lava ‘intermittent river’.

Notes:  Near Haverthwaite, at SD34288361, aerial photos (best in Goggle Earth 2001) and Lidar scans show a shape like a Roman camp at what would be a perfect site for a Roman naval base, but David Ratledge has looked on the ground there and found nothing encouraging.  Just upstream of the bridge is a mill leat of the type that Selkirk (1995) suggested might sometimes have originated from Roman river harbour work, plus the name Stang End derived from Latin stagnum.  The present analysis overrules several (rather defeatist) attempts to explain ancient names in this area.  It would make sense to place RC's Galluvio somewhere near here too.

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