Attested:  ND Praefectus Ala Sabinianae Hunno

WhereHalton Chesters Roman fort on Hadrian's Wall at NY99746845.  A reasonably certain identification, from the order of listing of names in ND, backed up by the order of listing in RC, which has Onno at this position.  The ALAE SABINIANAE left several epigraphic mentions in the area, including one tombstone near this fort.

Name origin:  It may be significant that the Ala Sabiniana originated in Pannonia, which included a chunk of what is now Hungary.  Serious settlement of Huns as foederati near the Danube began after AD 378 (Gračanin, 2006), which was nearly 40 years before the likely date of ND, though the names Hun and Hungary have never been explained 100% conclusively.

Notes:  The obvious guess is that Onno was picked up by RC as the original name of this fort, derived from its topographical situation on a watershed, based on onno glossed as flumen in Endlicher's Glossary, with Hunno coming later.

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