AttestedIbernio at position 37 of the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  The Roman camp at ST85491080 inside the native hill-fort at Hod Hill, Dorset, between the river Stour and its tributary the Iwerne, which preserves the name.  Ptolemy's Δουνιον was probably also Hod Hill.

Name origin:  Latin hiberno ‘to pass the winter’, which Vespasian's troops did at places such as Hod Hill for several years after the Roman invasion.nbsp; This suggestion outranks a link with Iberia, a name of uncertain origin, possibly from a non-Indo-European name for the river Ebro.

Notes:  There is an interesting parallel in Ptolemy's tribe Ιουερνοι or Ιουβερνοι, around a Ιουερνις or Ιοερνις πολις and a Ιερνου river mouth, around Cork in southern Ireland, an area with a mild climate suitable for early traders from the Mediterranean to over-winter.

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