Attested:  RC Insenos

Where:  One of two islands that RC listed in Oceano between Vectis (Wight) and Taniatide (Thanet), evidently off the south-east coast of Britain.  R&S suggested the Īle de Sein off the tip of Brittany, but that seems too far away, while the Goodwin Sands seem never to have been a real island.  The best candidate for Insenos probably lies behind the Dungeness peninsula, which did not exist in anything like its present form in Roman times.  The Isle of Oxney was a genuine island (until the reclamation of Romney Marsh) but it hardly qualifies as in Oceano so maybe the shingle bank further out was Insenos.  See here or here for how the coastline may have evolved over the centuries there.

Name origin:  Uncertain.  PIE *senə- ‘apart, separated’ might suit an offshore island, or a changing coastline might be described as senescing or sinking.

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Last Edited: 06 June 2016