Attested:  (1)  RC IscaIsca Augusta; AI iter 12 Iscae Leg. II Augustaiter 13 Iscaiter 14  Isca
(2)  Ptolemy  2,3,4 Ισκα ποταμου εκβολαι, 2,3,30 Ισκα λεγιων δευτερα Σεβαστη; AI iter 15 Isca Dumnoniorum; RC Scadumnamorum; TP Iscadumnoniorum

Where:  In both cases Isca refers both to a legionary fortress and to a river, where (1) is at Caerleon, ST337906, on the Usk, and (2) is at Exeter, SX923925, on the Exe.

Name origin:  Discussed in detail here.

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Last Edited: 18 September 2016