Attested:  RC Lodone

Where:  Marching camps near Muiryfold NJ 48905208 and Auchinhove NJ46185170, near the river Isla, in the Roman advance northwest from Aberdeen towards the Moray Firth.

Name Origin:  Lodon or Loddon, as river names in England, were attributed by Ekwall (1928: 258) to a root related to Old Irish loth and Latin lutum ‘mud’.  He called the name of the river Isle in Somerset pre-English, without mentioning Greek ἰλυς ‘mud, slime’, which can explain Ptolemy’s Ιλα (Wick harbour).  Lodone Roman camp would have been protected on its south by muir/marsh around the river Isla, easily extended to its east and west sides by small dams on tributary streams.

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Last Edited: 27 May 2016