Attested:  AI iter 2 Magiovinto; iter 6 Magiovinio; iter 8 Magionvinio

Where:  The Romano-British small town where Watling Street crossed the river Ouzel at SP888338, on Dropshort Farm, near Fenny Stratford, on the outskirts of Milton Keynes.

Name origin:  This unremarkable location looks like the Roman forerunner of a motorway service station, so (unusually) it makes sense to consider an etymology based on a personal name.  Magius was a well-attested Roman name of a gens ‘clan’ and vin- tended to mean something like ‘pleasant’ or ‘happy’ in place names.  So maybe Magiovinium was an early equivalent of ‘Maggie’s Diner’!

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Last Edited: 8 June 2016