Attested:  MAIS on Staffordshire Moorlands Pan, Rudge Cup, and Amiens Patera
   Maio at position 120 in RC's sequence of names and Maia at 154.

Where:  Richmond & Crawford (1949) argued that RC's Maio (120) was the same as Maia (154) and the duplication arose simply because the Cosmographer took the name twice off his source(s) when approaching a coastal location in an area densely packed with names.  That seems likely, but it gives RC a slightly uncomfortable track across the map, so the possibility cannot be excluded that Maio was a distinct place, conceivably so named for fulfilling a similar function further south in Cumbria.

Name origin:  Latin maior ‘greater’ and/or the Roman goddess of nurturing Maia (from Greek μαια ‘good mother, foster mother’) would fit the second-largest fort on the Wall as a location to which stores could be brought by sea to supply troops on the Wall, as explained clearly here.

Notes:  R&S unwisely dragged in Maiona (probably Mull).

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