Attested:  Ptolemy 2,2,11 Μαλεος (or Μαλαιος), one of 5 Εβουδαι listed with Ireland
   Adomnan Malea (3 times in Life of St Columba, see pp 128,129,167 here)

Where:  Almost certainly the Isle of Mull, around NM5732.

Name origin: ‘Greater’.  In the Greek dictionary μαλεω is equated with αυξανω ‘to increase’, and presumably it descends from PIE *mel4- ‘strong, great’  Since RC’s Maiona may also be Mull and is close to Latin maiora ‘greater’, it looks as if the same meaning was transmitted in two classical languages.

Notes:  The closest parallels to this name in Old Irish seem to be mál ‘prince’ and mell ‘round protuberance’.

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