Attested:  RC  Maponi

Where:  Unknown.  Maponi is the first of 8 diversa loca ‘various places’ listed by RC after it has finished tracking Roman incursions into northern Scotland and it has reached the Forth estuary.  However, the closest parallels to Maponi are some way south, closer to the Solway estuary: Maporiton and the Lochmaben Stone.

Name originMaponi looks like Welsh mabon ‘son, child’, mentioned in early Welsh tales such as the Mabinogion and related to Mac- in Gaelic names.  A divine name (or adjective) Maponos is mentioned on a dozen early texts, most famously a curse found in the Auvergne, France, but most commonly on inscriptions found in Britain, around Hadrian's Wall.

Notes:  R&C noted that four of these awkward names could belong to tribes, and therefore suggested that they referred to tribal gathering places.  Exactly why “the Son” was important in pre-Christian religion is unknown, so there is no obvious link to any particular place.

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