Attested:  RC Maulion (or Manlion)

Where:  Somewhere in Inverclyde, west of the Antonine Wall, more likely the small Roman fort at Lurg Moor than the one at Outerwards NS23166660, or the fort at Barochan Hill.

Name origin:  Most likely a description of the brown moorland surrounding the fort, by Roman troops who were Dutch/Belgian/German in modern terms, using a word related to malen ‘to paint’, with the vowel seen in maulstick, from PIE *mel- ‘dark-coloured’.  Celtic words for ‘bald’, often anglicised into Mull and applied to various headlands and hilltops in western Scotland, might be related.  There was also a root *maul- ‘to attract, to seduce’, widespread across Greek dialects (Masson, 1997).

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