AttestedMemanturum at position 216 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  A Roman camp in north-east Scotland.  The camp at Raedykes, at NO841902, inland from Stonehaven, seems more likely than the camp at Normandykes, at NO82979938, closer to Aberdeen.

Name origin:  One may think of Latin manto ‘to wait’, or of the letters MNTR in Montrose, or of the element *namanto- ‘enemy’ (negative of amo ‘to love’) seen in Gaulish names (Delamarre, 2003:230).  Or maybe the name should be emended to *Nemanturum, close to nemeton ‘sanctuary’.

Notes:  This part of Scotland is notably rich in stone circles, of a type that Allcroft (1930) analysed as tribal gathering places.

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