AttestedMutuantonis at position 69 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  The Roman road junction and roadside settlement near Ashford Kent, with a complex confluence at which two main rivers and several lesser streams unite to form the river Stour, at about TR0142.  Most Roman archaeology there is at Westhawk Farm.  This location was suggested by Clewley (2011).

Name origin:  ‘Meeting of opposite rivers’, with mutu- having the force of ‘mutual’ or ‘meeting’, from PIE *mod- ‘to meet’, while -anton (seen also in Trisantona) can be analysed as PIE *h2enti- ‘opposite’ plus -ona ‘river’.

Notes:  Maps of this confluence, such as here, show the two main tributaries strikingly 180 degrees apart.

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