Attested:  RC Naurum, a river in RC's tour of harbour estuaries.

Where:  Barnstaple Bay, Devon, with its mouth near SS456319.

Name OriginNaurum makes best sense emended to *Navarum, as suggested by R&S, and then analysed as the early river name navis plus PIE *ar- ‘to fit together’.  This is an excellent fit to the way that the rivers Taw and Torridge come together to share a single mouth into the sea.

Notes:  Ptolemy's Ναβαρου is remarkably similar in name and topography.  A less likely location is a little way north, where the Somerset Levels are drained by a multiplicity of channels, which have changed over the centuries, but reach the sea in two main channels, now called the Parrett and the Brue.

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