Attested:  ND Praefectus alae Petrianae, Petrianis

Where:  A fort per lineam valli, somewhere towards the west of Hadrian’s Wall, between Amboglanna (probably Camboglanna, Castlesteads) and Aballava (Burgh-by-Sands).  Petriana is thought to be an alternative name, derived from its garrison, for Uxelodunum (Stanwix, a suburb of Carlisle).

Name origin:  Presumably from the first commander of this cavalry regiment, who might have been Titus Pomponius Petra.

Notes:  There are problems with name-to-place allocations in this area.  See, for example, about Axelodunum.  So, while it is logical to link the 1000-strong ala Petriana with the largest fort on the Wall, there is no really conclusive evidence for that idea.

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Last Edited: 27 August 2016