Attested:  Ptolemy 2,3,17 Πετουαρια, a πολις of the Παρισοι;  inscription VICI PETU;  RC Decuaria;  ND numeri superventium Petuerensium.

WhereBrough on Humber Roman fort, town, and possible naval base, around SE938268, the likely terminus of a ferry across the Humber, on the line of Ermine Street, from near Winteringham Haven SE934227.  Both ends had bigger river inlets in Roman times.

Name origin:  From Latin peto ‘to travel to’, a root also seen in impetuous and compitum ‘crossroads’, which may be related to Old English pæþþan ‘to traverse’.  The -aria part may just be a noun-forming ending or possibly related to ar ‘oar’.

Notes:  The similarity to Celtic words for ‘four’ is coincidental.  RC's spelling is an easy misreading of handwriting.  ND's Petuerensium might have referred to workers at a *petuaria, by analogy with calcariensis being a worker at a calcaria, not dwellers at Petuaria.

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