Pons Aelii

AttestedPonte Aeli, where the Tribunus cohortis primae Cornoviorum was based, in the Notitia Dignitatum.

Where:  This site is generally identified with the small Roman fort at NZ25066387 in Newcastle, mostly under a later Norman castle, near the modern bridge.  However, no evidence survives of a Roman bridge across the Tyne, and it is equally possible that the name belonged to the next fort along, at Wallsend, which is currently generally identified with Segedunum.

Name origin:  Aelius was the family name of the emperor Hadrian.  Latin pons is generally translated as ‘bridge’, but the word actually comes from PIE *pent- ‘path, to go’ so one cannot be 100% certain that there was a Roman bridge at the river crossing.

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