AttestedPoreoclassis at position 221 in the Ravenna Cosmography

Where:  The obvious guess is that this is the same as Ptolemy's Ὀρρεα, as the big Roman fort at Carpow on the river Tay, at NO207179.  However, ... .

Name origin:  Latin classis ‘fleet’ is well known, but the Latin prefix por- ‘forward’ less so.  It came from PIE *per-, whose huge range of descendants includes forth and before in English and πορεια ‘order of march’ in Greek.  So the natural meaning of Poreoclassis is something like ‘forward operating base of the fleet’, which is not at all the same thing as horreum ‘storehouse’.

Notes:  As explained for Ὀρρεα, there are problems with a Carpow location and it is tempting to guess that a Roman camp remains to be found near Bridge of Earn and Moncreiffe hill fort.  Notice also the curious phrase used by Tacitus In finis Borestorum exercitum deducit discussed under the supposed Boresti.

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