Attested:  The terminus of AI iter 1 Praetorio

Where:  Probably near the Yorkshire coast, where the known Roman signal stations, such as at Filey or at Scarborough TA05168917 were too late to appear in AI, but they and roads heading towards them indicate continuing Roman interest.

Name Origin:  At the praetorium, Latin for ‘residence of commander or governor, splendid country seat’, a common name throughout the Empire, such as where Pontius Pilate condembed Jesus.  Maybe the governor thought it more important to stay in contact with coastal traffic and the fleet than to live in York?

Notes:  The coastline of Holderness in eastern Yorkshire is eroding more rapidly than almost anywhere else in Europe, so it is quite possible that Roman installations have been lost to the sea, for example where there is a suggestive name, such as Old Aldbrough near TA263388, or where a Roman road heads towards the coast, such as at Bridlington.

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Last Edited: 30 January 2017