AttestedCunovendus in a list of names on a curse tablet; Cunovendi in a list of names scratched on a brick before firing;
    CVNOVENDV scratched on stone slab; Cunovinna on a lead curse tablet; Cunoven potter's mark

Where:  Findspots Leicester, Binchester, Hadrian's Wall, Uley, and near northern tip of Brittany at small port with links to Britain.  See Clauss-Slaby database for more info.

Name origin:  See Cuneglasus about Cune-, whether meaning ‘hound, dog’ or ‘kin, royal, kingly’ and also about Vindo-, whether meaning ‘water-meadow’ or ‘white’.

Notes:  Water dogs?   These men were apparently all of low status, young slaves in training or soldiers recruited in Britiain.  An analogous Vindocunus is mentioned on another Bath curse tablet.

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