AttestedRiduna in the Maritime Itinerary.

Where:  Probably Alderney because it comes after Vecta (presumably the Isle of Wight) and before a list of names that appear to be running south near the French coast.

Name Origin:  Probably related to Irish rith ‘course, act of running’, from PIE *ret- ‘to run’ plus an ending -una possibly suggestive of a river, as in Alauna.

Notes:    Alderney (or rather its offshore islet Burhou) could be the first land a ship would see coming from south Devon.  The Alderney Race is a ferocious tide rip through the channel (which would have been narrower in Roman times) between Alderney and the tip of Brittany.  It is curious that Riduna shares a name element with Ryde, Isle of Wight, and with Anderidos, but the likely past shapes of land and sea around the Channel Islands ( Garrow & Sturt, 2017) suggest that the channel ceased to be a mere river long before any conceivable creators of this name.  A former name of Alderney was Adreni.

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