Attested:  Peutinger map Roribis vii, sandwiched between Durolevo and Madus.

Where:  Probably Sittingbourne, at about TQ906636, where the main Roman road passes the end of Milton Creek, suggested by the distance of 7 Roman miles from Ospringe (Durolevo).  Rivet & Smith were almost certainly wrong in suggesting Rochester, thinking that this name was a corruption of Durobrovis.

Name origin:  Almost exactly the same as Latin roribus, the dative/ablative plural of ros ‘dew’ (and by extension any drops of liquid), from PIE *ere- ‘to flow’.

Notes:    This seems to continue a theme of “wet” names for all the inlets along Watling Street in Kent where the invading Roman army could meet up with its supply ships travelling up the Thames.  Presumably once the tide of conquest had moved away there was no longer any need for a military presence.

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