Attested:  (1) Ptolemy 2,3,21 Σαλιναι, a πολις of the Κατουελλαυνοι; (2)  RC Salinis;  (3) RC Salinis

Where:  (1) around Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, TF4609.  See here about the locations of Roman-era salterns where channels of seawater from the Wash reached in among fen farmlands.
(2) Droitwich, Worcestershire, SO895632,  produced salt from its brine pits since at least  Roman times.
(3) Northwich, SJ651733, is one of several salt-producing towns in Cheshire, to be slightly preferred to its neighbours Middlewich (Condate) and Nantwich, to give the smoothest track across the map for RC’s sequence of names.

Name origin:  Latin salinae ‘salt works’.

Notes:  In the ancient world, before there was refrigeration, salt had massive economic importance.  Its availability sometimes became the limiting factor for population survival and growth.

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