Attested:  RC Smetriadum

Where:  Probably the Roman camps at Burnswark, NY186787, because RC’s sequence of names places Smetriadum between Stodoion (Birrens) and Clindum (near Lockerbie).  The Romans had a real siege battle there against a native hill-fort, rather than using it just for training, as long believed.

Name origin:  For initial Smetri- see Smetri ‘smithery’, while the –adum part might come from Latin addo ‘to annex to’.  This would fit the situation at Burnswark, where the Roman besiegers’ camps were right next to the hill-fort and presumably manufactured their missiles (arrows, lead sling-shot balls, etc) on the spot, probably in full view of the defenders.

Notes:  Frere (2001) noticed triad in the name and thought of the three granaries at Birrens – a nice idea, but not convincing.

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