AttestedSorbiodoni in AI iter 15, with erroneous duplication as Sorvioduni in AI iter 12.

Where:  At or near Wattons’s Ford, SU138016, where Margary’s Roman road 422 crossed the Hampshire river Avon, as described by Clarke (2003).

Name origin:  Latin sorbeo ‘to suck up, to absorb’ might refer to boggy ground around a river.  R&S interpreted –doni as dunum ‘fort’, and Latin donum ‘gift, votive offering’ is a more exact fit to the observed name, but *danu- ‘river’ may be most appropriate.

Notes:  This analysis overrules the suggestion of Old Sarum, suggested by R&S and widely accepted, but incompatible with mileage figures in AI.  See here for a discussion of Roman roads and water crossings in Hampshire.

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Last edited: 30 December 2018