Attested:  RC Subdobiadon

Where:  A fort on the Antonine Wall, possibly at Cadder, NS61677253, suggested by matching RC’s list of names with a list of the bigger forts on the Wall.

Name origin:  Uncertain.  Subdobiadon obviously starts like Latin sub ‘under’ or subdo ‘to set under, to subdue, to substitute’.  The –bia- part hints at βια ‘strength’ and –don might be a vestige of dunum ‘fort’.  However, –dobi- makes one think of Gaelic dobhar ‘water’ and then of the river Doubs (Ptolemy 2,10,4 Δουβις or Δουβιος) in Burgundy, a tributary of the Sa˘ne.  If a name like Δουβιος was applied to the river now called Kelvin, a tributary of the Clyde, one might perhaps speculate that Subdobiadon was the ‘fort under the *Dobia’.

Notes:  There is no valid reason for suspecting a link with Dumbarton.  Is it pure coincidence that the river now called Deveron was probably Ptolemy's *Kelnios?

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Last Edited: 20 July 2016