Attested:  AI iter 2 Sulloniacis

Where :  Watling Street, below Brockley Hill, around TQ175940

Name originSull- is problematic, being associated with objects sticking up (sile, Dutch zuil, German Säule, Danish sula, etc) or sinking down (OE sulh Latin sulcus ‘plough’ hence ‘furrow’, OE solh ‘muddy place’), with personal names (e.g. Sulla), and with divine names (Sulis, probably from Greek συλη ‘right of reprisal’).  Take your pick!

Notes: Sheldon (1966) discussed in detail where Sulloniacis might have lain relative to the hills and hillocks along Watling Street, and to the Silk Stream.  There may have been an extensive straggle of pottery kilns centered around a Roman mutatio rest-stop.

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