Attested:  AI iter 14 Traiectus

Where:  Bitton, Gloucestershire, ST680696, probably a Roman posting station.

Name origin:  Latin trajectus ‘crossing’, well known for ferry crossings elsewhere in the Roman Empire.

Notes:  The mileages in iter 14 around here make excellent sense for the route discussed by Margary (1973:137-8), so it looks as if AI really did mean Traiectus to apply to a crossing of the narrow river Boyd at Bitton and not to the far more logical crossing of the wide river Severn.  Maybe, as R&S discussed, some scribe got confused by a parenthetical or marginal note saying “catch ferry here” and over-wrote a name at Bitton with it.  Note also that a Domesday place name Tric, near Skegness, Lincolnshire may also have come from Traiectus.

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