Attested:  RC Vectis; Ptolemy 2,3,33 Ουηκτις;  Pliny Vectis;  Suetonius insulam Vectem
  Panegyric 8  apud insulam Vectam; Maritime Itinerary Vecta;  Bede Vecta

Where:  Isle of Wight

Name Origin:  The essential meaning was something like ‘little companion’ as discussed by Durham (2011).  Wiht and other, variously spelled, forms that finally settled down as Wight, are a development from the sense of ‘outlying’, shown by OE wīc and its many cognates, all ultimately derived from PIE *wegh- ‘to go’, via the notion of ‘clan on the march’ explained by Szemerenyi (1977).  Vectis and Vecta were just classical writers’ way of writing *wiχt- and giving it grammatical endings.

Notes:  The ethnicity of the original name givers is uncertain, but the commonly quoted Celtic parallels are not particularly relevant.

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