Attested:  RC Velurtion (a better reading than Velurcion or Velurticorum);  possibly the same as ND's Borcovicio.

WhereHousesteads Roman fort on Hadrian's Wall at NY790688.

Name originVelurtion and its variant spellings differ from *Borcovicium by more than trivial manuscript-copying errors can normally explain.  None of the many PIE roots of form *wel-, *welə-, or *welt- (such as welter, weld, and weald in English) offer a truly convincing explanation for the observed forms.  The least bad parallel available seems to be the people called Ulurtini, mentioned by Pliny as living in south-east Italy, where they probably spoke a language not so much Italian as Greek, in which λυρτος meant a two-handled cup.

Notes:  This name might offer an explanation for the mysterious name on Vindolanda tablet 174 that has been read as *Ulucio.

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