Attested:  Ptolemy 2,2,6 Ωκεανος Ουεργιουιος; 2,3,2 Ουεργιουιος/Ουεργιουος/Ουεργινιος

Where:  The Celtic Sea (sea area Fastnet) west of Land’s End.

Name origin:  The name appears to survive in Irish farraige or fairrge ‘open sea’ from PIE *werg-3 ‘to abound, be very strong’.

Notes:  Bewilderingly many PIE roots compete to explain this name, like most containing ver-.  Rejected candidates include *wergh- ‘to turn’, *werg-1 ‘to enclose’, and *werg-2 ‘to do, make’.

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Last Edited: 18 June 2016