Attested:  RC Veromo

Where:  Probably Dalginross Roman fort, at NN77322104, near Comrie, Perthshire, a Glenblocker fort at the edge of the Scottish highlands, near where the River Lednock and the Water of Ruchill feed into the river Earn.

Name originVer- could have many meanings, with PIE *wer- ‘to look’, as in wary, possibly the best candidate here.  The –omo part might fit PIE *omǝ- ‘to proceed with energy, make firm’.

Notes:  Ptolemy's Βανατια was probably a nearby hillfort.  Beware: a small change in logic could make a change in name-to-place assignments ripple through many forts in Scotland.

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Last Edited: 30 August 2016