Attested:  RC Victorie;  Ptolemy 2,3,7 Ουικτωρια a πολις of the Δαμνονιοι

Where:  Kleineberg, Marx and Lelgemann (2012) followed R&S in suggesting Inchtutil, but that is unlikely since the Roman fortress there was probably called Ugrulentum.  Marx (2013) suggested that Ptolemy's coordinates point further south, to Kinross, which is much closer to the likely location of the battle at Graupius Mons described by Tacitus.  If that battle was indeed near Duncrub, the closest Roman site was at Dunning, NO025150.  This appears to have been only a temporary camp, not a fort, but that might not stop it receiving the honorific title Victoria.

Name Origin:  Latin victoria ‘victory’.

Notes:  RC supplies only a list of names, so locating Victoria depends on making sense of the sequence Levioxava Cermium Victorie Marcotaxon Tagea Voran.  Ptolemy's πολις implies that there was an important native power centre (or at least population cluster) there, which would fit the hillfort at Dun Knock, NO02311431.

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