Attested:  RC Victorie;  Ptolemy 2,3,7 Ουικτωρια a πολις of the Δαμνονιοι

Where:  Kleineberg, Marx and Lelgemann (2012) followed R&S in suggesting Inchtutil, but that is ruled out by the order of names in RC, even if one doubts that the Roman fortress at Inchtutil was called Ugrulentum.  Marx (2013) suggested that Ptolemy's coordinates point further south, to Kinross, which is much closer to the likely location of the battle described by Tacitus at Mons Graupius.  If that battle was indeed near Duncrub, the closest Roman site was at Dunning, NO025150.  This appears to have been only a temporary camp, not a fort, but that might not stop it receiving the honorific title Victoria.  The hill-fort at NO02311432 nearby, known as Dun Knock and investigated recently, is one candidate to be Ptolemy's πολις, though perhaps Forteviot, with multiple ancient graves and henges, was a more likely place for clansmen to gather.

Name Origin:  Latin victoria ‘victory’.

Notes:  The actual battle site is still not generally agreed.  Duncrub is a little way to the west, but the most likely site is a little to the east.

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