Villa Faustini

Attested:  AI iter 5 Villafaustini

Where:  Probably the Roman settlement at Scole, TM149786, where the Roman road from Colchester to Norwich, now the A140, crossed the river Waveney.

Name originSaint Faustinus, martyred in about AD 120, came from a Roman noble family in Brixia, modern Brescia in northern Italy.  Presumably an estate and/or a Roman posting station was named after him or a relative.

Notes:  There is a discrepancy in AI’s mileage figures here and RC supplies another name, Durobrisin, which presumably refers to the river crossing.  So other nearby locations need to considered, including Thornham Parva, at TM10107355, and Hoxne, where a famous hoard was discovered.

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