Attested:  AI iter 12 Vindogladia, iter 15 Vindocladia;  RC Bindogladia

WhereShapwick Roman fort at ST948023 in Dorset, near where a Roman road crossed the river Stour at ST93640164

Name originVindo ‘pleasant’ plus a forerunner of the later place-name element gelād ‘difficult river crossing’ discussed by Gelling and Cole (2000: 81-83)

Notes:  Translation as ‘white ditches’ (R&S p500) to fit Badbury Rings chalk and Welsh gwynn ‘white’ plus clawdd ‘ditch’ is unsatisfactory, partly because there are two spellings with G and only one with C, but mainly because the Roman fort and settlement, to which the name probably applied, was 1.7 km away from the hill-fort.

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